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MOM & BABY‘Close friend’ kidnaps Texas mom Heidi Broussard, takes her baby after faking her own pregnancy [Police]



Magen Rose Fieramusca is now behind bars in connection with the death of 33-year-old Heidi Broussard in Houston, Texas.

Authorities believe that Fieramusca, a close friend of Broussard, may have had something to do with what was originally reported as a disappearance of Broussard and her infant daughter, Margot. With the new discovery of the body, however, it’s expected that Fieramusca may yet be charged with something more.

As of yet, she is being held at the Harris County Jail on charges of tampering with a corpse and two counts of kidnapping. With a bond set at $600,000 for the time being, it’s unclear what the next steps for law enforcement will be.

Broussard was last seen on Thursday, December 12, when she dropped her older son, 6-year-old Silas, off at a book fair at his Austin, Texas elementary school, Cowan Elementary. In fact, she was even captured on a surveillance camera at the school where she brought her son into the school. It was 7:50 am and she is believed to have returned to her own home with her 3-week-old daughter at this time, as her vehicle was found in the driveway of the complex.

At only three miles from the school, the Club, at Summer Valley Apartments where Broussard and her family lived is where the two are believed to have been taken from. It would be another almost 12 hours before the two would be reported missing by Shane Carey, Broussard’s fiancé and father to Margot.

It was approximately 2 pm when Carey returned to their home after work to find both Broussard and Margot gone, with all of their belongings (including all of Margot’s things) still in the home. Though the fact that her vehicle was unlocked and he could not reach her on her cell phone was strange, Carey believed she had perhaps gone to another apartment within the complex, where she had friends.

It wasn’t until 6 pm when their sons daycare called to inform him that no one had picked the boy up that he knew something was wrong. He picked up the boy, returned home and found that Broussard was still not returned. At that point he immediately called 911 and informed them that he had not heard from Broussard in approximately 12 hours.

His last call to her had been around 8 am and though he had attempted to call her in the time between, the phone had always gone straight to voicemail. While her purse, ID, wallet and other belongings were still in the house, she was most definitely not still in the complex or she would have gone to pick up her son.

Her fiancé, who has been with her for approximately 10 years, said that there was no explanation for what could have happened to her or why. He had no notion of anyone who would have wanted to harm her or anyone who even disliked her. Even more, he had no idea of how she could have been taken and yet no one heard anything. Carey was quickly cleared as a suspect and it was announced on December 13th that he was not believed to be involved in the disappearance.

With Broussard, Margot, the keys and a cell phone the only things missing in the house it would at first appear that she had simply gone out, but that was not the case. While the initial search was hopeful in finding both Broussard and baby Margot alive, a tip made to law enforcement led them to the home of Magen Fieramusca.

Fieramusca, who had claimed to be pregnant right alongside Broussard, is believed to have planned the abduction and, allegedly, the subsequent murder in order to take baby Margot. In fact, her claim of being pregnant went so far as to include a baby registry listed on Amazon and a due date of December 1. It was only after Broussard’s disappearance, however, that she allegedly began to show off a baby.

She and Broussard were close friends, with her even being named as her ‘best friend’ in social media posts and by other mutual friends. In fact, the two had met when they were children, reportedly attending a church camp together when they were only 11-years-old, and staying extremely close ever since. Even Broussard’s mother, Tammy Broussard, states that the two were very close and that they had known each other for a very long time.

Fieramusca is even reported to have been at the hospital for Margot’s November 26th birth. In fact, she’s reported to have been in the delivery room, holding Broussard’s hand during the delivery, after which she abruptly left the room. Another friend, who was also in the room at the time, stated that it seemed strange at the time, especially in light of Fieramusca stating that she was also set to deliver a baby within the next couple weeks.

After the disappearance, however there were some allegations of Fieramusca showing off a baby to family and friends that clued some in that something was wrong. This is what likely led to the tip, bringing law enforcement to a home on the 8100 block of Bo Jack Drive in the northwest side of Houston on December 19th. At the Houston home, which is registered to Fieramusca, they discovered a Nissan parked in the driveway. 33-year-old Heidi Broussard was found in the trunk of the vehicle. Her cause of death is listed as strangulation by ligature.

Inside, the home they found an infant playing in a baby swing who was originally claimed by Fieramusca to be her own. The child was believed to be Margot Carey, Broussard and Carey’s 3-week-old infant. It was later confirmed through DNA testing that the child was in fact Margot and she was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, which reported no visible signs of trauma. She was returned to her family and is believed to be doing well.

Heid Broussard’s funeral was on December 28th, with her entire family and friends there, including her two children and fiancé Shane Carey.

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