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Games that fit your child’s age from 3 to 5 years!



Educational theories unanimously agreed that play is the only activity a child performs without any external pressure or coercion, with the aim of obtaining fun regardless of the outcome! About the usefulness of toys for a child, and the preferred types of toys, and others that should be avoided, this investigation is taking place.

Hala Al-Sharouni, an individual from the International Council of Children’s Books, and the college address, isolates “instructive strategies for preschool children” between what is taboo and permitted to be purchased from toys in which children play from 3 to 5 years:


– Small games that can swallow.

Games with sharp parts can harm a child’s hand or mouth.

– A sharp game that can enter the eye or nose, for example, a pen, or a long stick.

It is illegal to have paint – lead or unusual hues.

– It ought not be an entangled game that sometimes falls short for the child’s psychological capacities, so she feels defenseless and mental.

Shapes made of glass for creatures or air ship.

Cardboard books that the child can’t hold, and which comprise a sort of damage to his fingers.

– Large games, which make him feel little and his fingers little when managing them.

– Not to expand the quantity of toys before the child, with the goal that he doesn’t become weary of them and lose their incentive to him.

– It is all off-base for the mother to tell her child the game alone.


Hala Al-Sharouni additionally affirms: The easiest games are the best for this age and they are many like:

Jaw and dances made of wood or plastic.

Fabric covered toys that make pressure clicks, the sound of a feline, a pooch, and a train.

Plastic toys that offer shape to creatures.

Enormous shapes and different 3D squares of size, to assemble a house.

– Balls of various sizes and loads.

Boxes that can be opened and shut, and set up together.

Dolls and Puppets

– Simple models for vehicles, planes, and ships.

Sandbox and Drilling Tools.

– Games that can be squeezed, or put in his mouth under any circumstances, and that are anything but difficult to wash.

Wooden pony and wheeled crawler.

– Finds fun playing cadenced and moving to the sound of music.

– Some age-suitable PC games like Find comparable, look for changed.

– At this stage, the child can perceive letters as though they were drawings.

– The game “My Bride” is a psychological distraction, wherein the mother or father educates him concerning some qualities, so the child finds out about her name, the hare, the feline, and the canine.

– A game that starts with an inquiry regarding 5 kinds of organic products, for instance, or vegetables.

– And there are games identified with manual skills, for example, staying some circles on a drawing, to take a model drawn and shading it and stick it on a bit of wipe, so it gets unmistakable.

– The game “Square Shapes”, which shows the significance of level and stereoscopic.

– The fabric book incorporates the story and sound, and this game connections him to perusing and builds up his affection for the book by implication.

– Chess … toward the start of the age of three, he will end up being a talented player at six years old.

– Some toys that need to show expertise and are between two individuals

– Play with mud and children make shapes, worms, snakes, creatures, individuals, and afterward they will in general make cups and dishes and afterward houses and vessels.

Playing with water detects its warmth, and its eyes are pulled in to the shapes that change quickly when he moves his hands in the water, and his ears are tuning in to the sounds originating from the water.

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